The Bed Bugs Tv

TV and Bed Bugs

The television is in constant search for shows that feature interesting subjects. TV is almost always all about the ratings.

That is why even the most bizarre subjects are featured nowadays in various TV shows. Yes, TV stardom has expanded from the Hollywood stars now down to even the silliest creatures.

There are several TV shows, most of them animated that star or feature bed bugs. Just like movies like “Antz” and others that feature bugs, mites, ants and other insects, TV producers and managers have recognized the star power of bed bugs.

And why are bed bugs so popular that people will get to watch their TV shows? One factor is that they are, in real life, so annoying.

Bed bugs do not carry nor transmit diseases but they bite and cause skin irritation. What more, they rapidly multiply and produce off spring. That is why people would love to ridicule and laugh at them through TV shows.

What a desperate form of vengeance, huh?
To know more about bed bugs and differentiate them from the funny and cuddly image projected on the TV, it would be better to know more about them.

Bed bugs, the side not projected on TV
Bed bugs are among the millions of species of insects in existence. Scientifically, bed bugs are labelled as Cimex lectularius.

Experts and professionals do claim that bed bugs had been controlled successfully in the United States in the period of the 70s and 80s. However, due to persistence and survival of bed bugs in Asia, Europe and Africa, travelers may have carried the parasites during travel and migration to the country.

Bed bugs are wingless, tiny insects. They are indeed parasites that feed primarily on blood of warm-blooded hosts or victims like animals and human. The notion that bed bugs only bite humans is totally wrong. Your pets can also be host to the parasite.

Dogs, cats, birds in short, every mammal that come into contact or near the infested bed, surroundings or area can be affected by bed bugs.

Bed bugs are so small, that you can hardly see them. Biggest bed bugs, however, during their final stage of life and maturity can be as big and large as about on fourth an inch in length. Usually, bed bugs are also oval-shaped and they may appear flattened when viewed from top down to bottom.

Bed bugs are, most of the time, colored deep brown or cream to white. There are also bed bugs that appear burnt orange in color, juts like ants.

Boring TV Stuff
However, not all TV shows involving bed bugs are animated and humanized features. Channels like the National Geographic channel and other informative TV networks do feature shows that are somehow documentaries.

These types of TV shows not only show actual enlarged footages of bed bugs and their activities. They show ways to curtail them.

Thus, such TV shows proliferate because more and more people get to relate to the subject. More and more people are affected and annoyed by the existence of bed bugs.

TV shows like these are very educational. They will advise you how to manage bed bugs infestation in your place or area.

But such TV shows don’t normally garner good TV ratings. Many people do watch them, but as soon as problems arising from bed bugs go away, their patronization of such TV shows also vanish.

Indeed, TV has become the window to the world. Through various TV shows, you will get to a lot of subjects and be to many places around the globe. You can be in New York this hour and be in Paris the next hour, without leaving your living room.

That is how wonderful TV has become.
But why do you have to settle for such TV shows? Why go to many places outside when you have to know the occurrences in your own house.

There are scenes that happen in your bedroom that you don not get to see. But they can be featured in documentary TV shows that describe infestation of bed bugs.

These TV shows deserve a much-needed break ands should be given more budget and attention by TV managers and executives to make them more interesting.

Tune in to the TV channel that feature lots of facts about bed bugs and experience them for yourself.

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