Rainbow Vacuum Bed Bugs

A Rainbow Shot Against Bed Bugs

Bed bus infestations have been a problem since time immemorial. A known enemy of those wanting a good night’s sleep, bed bugs make sure that they leave a mark when they attack. Various solutions have been tried and tested over the years but bed bugs have remained resilient and have continued in their disturbing ways. Given their name these insects normally dwell in the inner portion of a bed where the temperature is perfect for them.

Bed bugs normally lay eggs in the tears and holes of a bed. Beds that are heavily infested or already in poor condition are prime candidates for disposal, as salvaging these is just a waste of time.

Eradicating bed bugs is a difficult task and it is not advisable for a person to solely treat an infestation. Keeping surroundings clean by using a vacuum is very helpful in removing eggs. Adult bedbugs can live for as long as a year without eating and therefore could survive even in an abandoned property.

A Pest Issue
Bed bugs actually become an issue when they start to hunt for food, particularly blood. Bed bugs normally stay in their homes if they are not starving.

Bed bug bites appear as large wheals in the affected part of the body. The wheals turn into red marks that can stay for as long as three days depending on how the wound is treated. The wheals appear in an orderly manner unlike the random patter of mosquito bites. The affected area should never be scratched to avoid infections.

Any part of the body that has good blood flow is a target of bed bugs so don’t be surprised if they bite the most sensitive areas.

Fight The Good Fight With A Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner
While constantly cleaning a room is one way to prevent bed bug infestations using broom, dustpan and cloth will unlikely be enough. One of the most popular and effective methods to get rid of bed bugs is by using a vacuum cleaner. The Rainbow vacuum cleaning system from Rexair LLC is among the world’s leaders in vacuum technology.

The Rainbow was designed based on the concept of using a bagless vacuum cleaner. The forerunner of the Rainbow vacuum was a device called the “separator”, which was designed to separate dust from air. The concept was developed John W. Newcombe and after partnering with Leslie H Green the two came up with the “Newcombe Bagless”.

The first official Rainbow vacuum was introduced in 1955 and it served as the upgraded version of the Rexair vacuum. The Rainbow had a sleeker design and a more powerful engine. The popularity of the Rainbow became stronger after Sanders and Associates acquired Rexair. From then on, the Rainbow vacuum reached more dealerships across the US and eventually resulted in increased earnings for the company.

Today Rexair is a globally renowned brand with production facilities in Mexico, Cuba and Canada. The current flagship product of Rexair is the e Series e2 released in 2004. The e2 is touted as having unmatched cleaning capabilities.

After using a Rainbow vacuum cleaner to clean the dwellings of bed bugs, the bag should be placed in a larger plastic bag and sealed tightly. The bag should be discarded in an outdoor container to prevent the bugs from re-entering the home. Disposing the mattress altogether is another option, but a new mattress might immediately become infested if beg bugs are still in the area.

Vacuuming alone will not solve bed bug infestations, but it can considerably reduce the population of the insects as part of a major pest treatment.

A crevice attachment should be placed on box springs, behind pictures, curtains, inside furniture interiors, mattress seams and anywhere that can be used by insects as a hiding place. Other parts that need to be vacuumed include carpets and baseboards. The filter should be immediately removed and discarded after use.

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner has been constantly immitated but never duplicated by its rivals. Behind the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is 70 years worth of product development and constant ingenuity and improvement. It is advisable that a Rainbow should only be purchased from an unauthorized distributor. Bed bugs beware, the Rainbow is here.

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